Version 1.9
January 1, 2024

Added Thoughts

There are few phrases that truly resonate with me, but the few that do, I like to have them stored in one place. That's why I've decided to dedicate a space to all those phrases that resonate with me. I hope they resonate with you as well.

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Version 1.8
December 16, 2023

Christmas it's here!

Christmas Snowflakes animations have been added to certain pages of the website. 🎄

Version 1.7
December 2, 2023

SEO Optimizations

Got 100 🎉 SEO Score on some sections.

Version 1.6
December 2, 2023

Improved mobile experience

Adjusted new buttons, updated new components for better experience.

Version 1.5
December 2, 2023

Updated Blog Section

Blog section updated to fully dark mode.

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Version 1.4
December 2, 2023

Changed About Section

I am updating the "About" section for the same reason I updated the "Contact" section, for the sake of consistency. It will be subject to further changes in the future.

I update the "About" section for the same reason I update the "Contact" section, for the sake of consistency. It will be subject to more changes in the future.

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Version 1.3
December 2, 2023

Changed Contact Section

For the sake of consistency throughout the rest of the website, I have decided to update the design of the contact section.

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Version 1.2
December 2, 2023

Mobile Experience v.2 Improved

I have made considerable changes to the mobile versions of all sections and screens. I have removed some animations and interactions to make the experience much simpler and easier to use, and I have simplified many of the layouts to display only essential information.

Version 1.1
December 2, 2023

Finally dark mode!

From now on, you will be able to switch between dark mode and light mode while you read with a cup of coffee ☕

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Version 1.0
December 2, 2023

Dynamic Island for Blog Section

On this website, one of the main features is the blog section. That's why I've decided to pamper it a little more and make the reading experience much more enjoyable. From now on, you will be able to find a concept of a dynamic island that will allow you to: switch between light and dark mode, copy the blog link, and the coolest thing is that you will be able to see the reading progress as you read along.

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Version 0.9
December 2, 2023

Page Load Animation

New page load animation added.

Version 0.8
December 2, 2023

Menu Z-Index Fixed

The menu on certain pages was slightly behind some element, which due to its appearance, we had placed at a very high Z-Index and it collided with the Z-Index of the new menu. It's already fixed; this menu should now be above all the elements and components of the website.

Thanks to @VBhabhra for spotting that mistake.

Version 0.7
December 2, 2023

New web navigation

The traditional navigation bar at the top has been removed, and a new menu has been added, which you can find in the bottom right corner. This menu can be opened and closed by pressing the "K" key.

Version 0.6
December 2, 2023

Added light & dark scroll bar

Now, depending on the page you're on, you'll find the scroll bar adapted to the style of that page. If you're on a light mode page, the scroll bar will also be in light mode.

Version 0.5
December 2, 2023

Improved mobile experience

Some animations that didn't make sense to appear on mobile or simply weren't as interactive have been removed. Now the website works faster than ever on mobile. Specific animations have been added exclusively for mobile instead of reusing and adjusting those from desktop.

Version 0.4
December 2, 2023

Fixed some animations

Due to certain layout changes, some animations had become outdated. Now everything works correctly. Some animations have also been disabled in mobile portrait.

Version 0.3
December 2, 2023

Performance optimizations

The unnecessary code has been removed and minimized as much as possible. Performance has increased by 70%.

Version 0.2
December 2, 2023

Photography Section Added 🎉

One of my passions is photography, and until now, I didn't have a dedicated section for it. Now, in the photography section, it is possible to publish projects linked to the CMS database. With this feature, you can publish a project with a name, description, and all its related images.

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Version 0.1
December 2, 2023

Simplified Home Screen

The idea I had initially for the homepage was to be able to briefly showcase all the functionalities of the website. For some time now, I have been considering how I could achieve the same goal while occupying the least amount of space possible. In the end, what I wanted was to create a space where users could find everything they need quickly.

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Version 0.0
December 2, 2023

Welcome changelog!

Welcome to our website's changelog page! We are excited to introduce this new feature to keep you informed about the updates and improvements we make to our website. We believe in transparency and want to ensure that you have all the information you need regarding any changes that may affect your experience here.