1. Not everything is so urgent.
2. It is not necessary to sacrifice anything for success; it's a marathon, not a sprint. It's not worth it. Balance is the key to a fulfilling and satisfying life.
3. Done is sometimes better than perfect.
4. The way you talk to yourself changes everything. A positive mind finds solutions; a negative mind finds problems.
5. How you do one thing is how you do everything.
6. A man can make millions, a healthy man can make a fortune. Learn to prioritize yourself before being concerned about others.
7. Consistency without iteration is nothing.
8. Consistency creates habits that define your destiny.
9. Authenticity attracts what truly belongs to you.
10. Gratitude transforms what you have into enough.
11. Forgiveness.
12. Don't mold yourself according to others.
13. Don't do anything you don't feel like doing.
14. Make time to visit your relatives.
15. Say thank you more often.
16. Spend money on what makes you happy.
17. Invest in yourself in order to make sense of sacrifice.
18. Find learning opportunities in every bad situation.
19. Work on your mental health before the storm appears.
20. Surround yourself with people who truly appreciate you; otherwise, don't allow them to be in your life.
21. You are not your thoughts.
22. You are not your designs. Your designs are a representation of your learning curve.
23. Don't ask if you can ask. Just ask.